WORD WIDE WILD LIFE: 10 Incredible Natural Swimming Pools In The World

Monday, February 6, 2017

10 Incredible Natural Swimming Pools In The World

Of course, it is not hard to find a better swimming pool around your city. Today majority of hotels provide fascinating swimming pools for their customers. Still, swimming in a natural pools can be a different experience for you. It will make you more connected to the nature, offers you perfect relaxation. Here 10 incredible natural swimming pools around the world.

10.Kuang Si Falls, Luang Prabang, North Central Laos

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Kuang Si falls is a series of beautiful falls and pools, located in the Luang Prabang city of Laos. It is probably the most beautiful tourist attraction in the Luang Prabang. Kunag Si falls is actually surrounded by lush tropical jungle. So apart from the breathtaking view of the falls, you can enjoy the pleasant mild weather. There are trails in the jungle that lead you to the falls.

Once you reached the falls, you can see spectacular cascades of water and several pools. Fortunately, a number of pools in this falls are perfect for swimming. For changing the cloths, you can find the wooden huts near the falls.
All season are perfect for experiencing the Kuang Si Falls. During the dry season, you can see beautiful turquoise and green colored water. The color is due to the mixing of minerals to the water.

During rainy season, you can expect strong currents at Kunag Si falls. So such condition can be inconvenient for swimming. Even though, you can enjoy in the spraying of water.

The waterfalls are not the only attraction in the Kuang Si Park. The jungle trekking is another popular tourist activity in this area. On the way to the Kuang Si falls you will also get a close view of traditional village life.

9 Grotta Della Poesia, Roca Vecchia, Italy


The Grotta della poesia is a spectacular limestone pool located on the Adriatic coast in Italy. This natural pool is also known as Cave of poetry. It is said to be a beautiful princess was used to bath in this natural pool. The local people started to believe that this habit is the secret behind her beauty.

Soon, the news spread throughout the Southern Italy. The poets of that time also featured the story of this natural pool within their works. Thus, this natural pool the coast of the Adriatic Sea is named as ‘Cave of poetry’.

This 600 square meters natural pool is excavated by years of continuous action of sea. The grotto della poesia pool has a circular pattern. It also have to openings, one at sea side and another at landside. The aqua blue waters of this pools is truly amazing and will offers unique swimming

8.To Sua Ocean Trench, Lotofaga Village, Upolu Island, Samoa


It is a large swimming hole located in Lotofaga village of Samoa. This ocean trench is at a depth of 30 meters. There is a ladder installed on this site to access the pool. The water of this natural pool is very clear and has brilliant blue coloration.
The To Sua Ocean trench is fed by an ocean. The visitors can safely swim in this pool as it is not so deep. There are huts at the top of this pool to relax, eat and drink. This site is also surrounded by beautiful gardens and a scenic beach is very near to it.7 Dudu Lagoon, EL Dudu, Cabrera, Dominican Republic

Of course, the pristine beaches may be the main thing you love about Dominican Republic. But the beaches are not the only best swimming spots in the Dominican Republic. In the Cabrera town of the Northeastern coast of the Dominican Republic, there is a sinkhole called as Dudu. It is very popular among international tourists for its cool, crystal clear water.
Unlike the beaches the water of Dudu lagoon is much cooler and clearer. This beautiful natural pool has a depth of 100 feet. There is a small staircase to access the pool. In addition to this facility, you can also find pendulum type ropes there. For a fun filled experience, you can use these ropes to swing and drop down into the cool water of the lagoon.
Never think that swimming is the only activity you can enjoy in the beautiful Dudu lagoon. This cenote has underwater caves. So it is also a good place for scuba diving. You can dive into the nearby lake through the caves. It can be a unique and thrilling experience for you.

6 Hinatuan Enchanted River, Mindanao, Philippines

CREDIT OF IMAGE : 2IL ORG-FLICKRAs the name indicates, the Enchanted River is a stunningly colorful river located in the Mindanao Island in Philippines. No one is known about the origin of this beautiful river. That is why the enchanted river is called so.
For first time visitors, the enchanted river look like a surreal place. Because the color of the river is astonishingly beautiful. It ranges from aquamarine to blue. You can see dark blue color in the deep parts of the river. At the same time the shallow parts of the river reflect aquamarine to light blue color.
The enchanted river is actually a small, deep river that is very close to the sea. As the water is very clear, you can even see the bottom of the river. The water in the river is also completely free from dirt. All these conditions attracts tourists from around the world to the enchanted river.
According to the local people some spots in the enchanted river have the influence of spirits. So that not all areas are allowed for swimming. The night time swimming is also prohibited in this area. Luckily, you can find all facilities near the enchanted river, including cottages, life jackets and delicious seafood.

5 Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States

CREDIT OF IMAGE : TRAVELLING MAN-WIKIMEDIAThe Havasu Falls is a picturesque waterfall located within the Grand Canyon in Arizona State of U.S. It is just 1.5 miles away from the Supai tribal village. The Havasu Falls is renowned worldwide for its vivid blue green color water. There are also several pools that formed as a result of mineralization.
Among the hikers, Havasu Falls are their favorite destination within the Grand Canyon. The brilliant coloration of water and perfect natural pools in a stunning red rock surrounding make it a surreal attraction.
The vibrant blue-green coloration of water is due to the high concentration of calcium carbonate. Luckily, the temperature variation for water of Havasu falls is minimal. Throughout the year it offers a pleasant temperature between 21 and 25 degree Celsius.

4 Hamilton Pool Preserve, Austin, Texas, U.S

CREDIT OF IMAGE : LARS PLOUGMANN-FLICKRThe Hamilton pool is a favorite summer swimming destination for Americans as well as international tourists. This amazing natural pool is located within a 232 acres of protected area in Austin city of Texas State. The Hamilton pool has striking green water and surrounded by large limestone slabs. There is also a small waterfall spills from the limestone roof.
Hamilton pool was formed over thousands of years ago, when the continuous natural erosion collapsed the dome of an underground river. Fortunately, this unique natural pool never gets dried up. It is truly a wonder of Austin City. An unforgettable swimming experience is guaranteed for the visitors.
The entry to the Hamilton pool is completely free. There are so much to see in the nature preserve apart from the Hamilton pool. You can see some rarest birds and plants in the protected area around the pool. But biking and fishing are not allowed in this area.

3 Pamukkale Thermal Pools, Denizli Province, Southwestern Turkey

The word Pamukkale means cotton castle in Turkish. Like the name suggest the limestone walls of the Pamukkale has a cotton castle like outlook. Anyway, it is a great natural thermal pool located in the Denizli province in Southwestern Turkey. It contains a group of hot springs and Travertines. The globally popular Pamukkale has been used as a thermal spa since 2nd century B.C.
The unique castle like shape of Pamukkale was formed by continuous deposition of minerals by the hot springs over the years. This 1.7 mile long natural site contains 17 hot springs in total. The limestone-terraces of Pamukkale get collected with thermal waters from the hot springs. The mineral rich waters of Pamukkale pools also have the power to cure several skin diseases.

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